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Volume 3, Issue 1
Fall 2002
Fax from Beth R. Keyser to Linda Kessler September 4, 2002

Let me take a few moments to share the way in which the idea for this quilt developed into the gift you see in front of you. My name is Ms. Keyser. I was one of the Superior High School Language Arts teachers in 2001. Superior, Montana has a population of around 1200 people. We receive two or three radio stations, and the only way to get national T.V. is through satellite, which I don’t have. When I arrived at school on the morning of September 11th, I heard a few students talking about something that took place in New York City. I didn’t pay much attention, because I was consumed with the business of my first year teaching. I finally heard the news when the principal put a T.V. in the multipurpose room, so everyone could come and watch CNN. I didn’t even watch what happened until 10:15 a.m. Mountain Time. By then, the crashes into the twin towers, the Pentagon, and Pennsylvania had been shown over and over again for several hours. I was horrified. My students were horrified. When I went back to class I tried to teach, but couldn’t. I didn’t know what to do. I cried and my students stared at me wondering why they couldn’t feel what I felt so immediately. All at once I could see their need to connect somehow to the events, and their inability to do so readily made them really uncomfortable. (Continued in center spread)
9/11 Gift from School
in Montana
Submitted by Linda Kessler
Brooklyn College Academy

New York Oracle Users Group at Lower East Side Prep
By Henry Ruan

On November 18, 2002, Mr. Jeff Burknoff from New York Oracle Users Group came to Oracle Internet Academy at Lower East Side Prep High School. He gave a lecture on JDBC (using Java to connect Oracle database). The presentation was focused and well delivered. Students started to understand the connection between Java and Oracle, and the application of Java in Oracle database management. Mr. Burknoff is also a senior consultant from MSG, a New Jersey based consultant company specializing in database management. His presentation helped students better understand the subject and its application in the real world. At the same time, his presence shows his involvement in educating youngsters. Definitely it will have a great impact on our students.

Alternative Acclaims was compiled and published by Brad Velcoff, Lynn Plunkett and Lynette Lauretig