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Marcus's HomePage

Shout-outs: Yea what up, what up. First and fore-most I would like to give a shout-out to my family, teachers and my girl (Renee) "thats my baby" and to my friends the whole Y.P.H crew (Pain in the ass, K-Money, Biggzito and Casper) those are my dogs for life! My home-girls: Gio, Sheke, Tay, Preema, Francesca, Leema, Manda, Aliesha, Lie- Lie, Liz, Akina, Maria, Tinesha, Lee-Kid, Tasha, Toy, Cristel, Rhaquel, Redz, Sue, Temeeka, Hasina, Shannon, Cameil, Rosin, Alicia, Pooh-Bear and Chaty. My other homeboys Mark, Big Kir, Anthony, Akeem and Omillio. Speacial shou-out to my home-boy and best friend (Trevor) thats my homie for life, and the rest of my peoples, sorry if I forgot any 1's name yall know it's all love! Stay up.

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