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  • A Plan For Spam - Discussion of using ""Bayesian"" statistical analysis to identify spam and reduce false positives. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 1 )
  • Cloudmark SpamNet - Saves you time and frustration by automatically stopping spam. The service is free and easy to use. Spend time reading your email´┐Żnot deleting unwanted spam messages. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 1 )
  • Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email (CAUCE) - Supports and works toward passage of legislation prohibiting unsolicited e-mail advertisements. CAUCE has no budget, no office and is run by an all-volunteer board using donated resources. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 1 )
  • Controllable Regex Mutilator (CRM) - A system to examine incoming e-mail, system log streams, data files or other data streams, and to sort, filter, or alter the incoming files or data streams according to whatever the user desires. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 1 )
  • Encrypt / Obfuscate e-mail address with JavaScript - Encrypts e-mail address with JavaScript and then provides the embedded JavaScript code to decrypt it. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 9 )
  • Federal Trade Commission's Spam Page - Ways to protect yourself from spam. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 1 )
  • JunkBusters Junk Email Headlines - Spamming must be stopped. Ways to protect yourself from spam. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 1 )
  • K9 - email filtering app that works with regular POP3 email program classifies incoming emails as spam (junk email) or non-spam. It uses intelligent statistical analysis that can result in extremely high accuracy over time. ( Added: 2003-05-06, Hits: 1 )
  • Langa Letter: Real-Life Spam Solutions - A new generation of anti-spam tools is just around the corner. But until then, these spam blockers and handlers may be the next best thing. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 2 )
  • MailWasher - MailWasher is a powerful email checker with effective spam elimination. Discover the safe way to stop unwanted viruses and e-mails before they get to your computer. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 1 )
  • POPFile - Uses ""Bayesian"" statistical analysis to identify spam and reduce false positives. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 1 )
  • Prevent Spam - Obfuscate your email address - Once you enter an email address, the script will obfuscate it. The correct address will still be ""visible"" to your browser, but (hopefully) will not be extracted so easily by email bots. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 9 )
  • SAproxy - Anti-spam product for use with POP3 email. Utilizes the latest SpamAssassin technology. Uses Bayesian filtering to learn from past Spam and more accurately identify new Spam. ( Added: 2003-07-19, Hits: 2 )
  • Spam Assassin - A mail filter to identify spam. Using its rule base, it uses a wide range of heuristic tests on mail headers and body text to identify ""spam" ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 27 )
  • Spam Links - A collection of anti-spam links. ( Added: 2003-05-06, Hits: 1 )
  • Stop Spam FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions on how to stop unsolicited e-mail. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 2 )
  • UXN Spam Combat - A variety of WhoIs tools, TraceRoute and DNS lookups, tools to un-obfuscate a disguised URL, ways to see if a site has been blacklisted by various locking services, and more. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 2 )