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  • Chronology of Personal Computers - An attempt to bring various published sources together to present a timeline about Personal Computers. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 5 )
  • DailyeDeals.com - Free stuff, online coupons, freebies, and discount online shopping deals. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 9 )
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation - Created to defend our rights to think, speak, and share our ideas, thoughts, and needs using new technologies, such as the Internet and the World Wide Web. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 3 )
  • How to Choose a Good Password - What not to use and what to use for passwords. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 8 )
  • Infopackets.com - Windows Help Desk which offers free tech support. Caters specifically to Newbies and intermediate computer users. Also, Windows Video Tutorials. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 4 )
  • Jargon File Resources - Indexes all the WWW resources associated with the Jargon File and its print version, The New Hacker's Dictionary. It's as official as anything associated with the Jargon File gets. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 4 )
  • KGP Productions - Computer Fair: Computers, monitors, printers, parts, supplies, accessories, etc. ""Wholesale"" prices to the public. 800-631-0062. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 3 )
  • One River Computer Recycling - Donate your used, but usable computers and related technologies to schools in Jamaica. ( Added: 2003-04-25, Hits: 2 )
  • PEP National Directory of Computer Recycling Programs - A State, National and International Directory of agencies that facilitate donations of used computer hardware for schools and community groups. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 4 )
  • Personal Computer Radio Show - The PC Radio Show airs every Wednesday night at 8:00PM EST on WBAI-FM 99.5 in New York City. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 4 )
  • STIX Fonts - The Scientific and Technical Information Exchange (STIX) font creation project is preparing a comprehensive set of fonts that serve the scientific and engineering community in the process from manuscript creation through final publication. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 4 )
  • TechBargains.com - A guide to special deals from big name computer companies. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 9 )
  • TechLawOnline.com - Provides every possible resource relating to intellectual property law, including areas of copyrights, trademarks, and patents. However, this site also indexes information for lawyers, companies, students, and non-practioners in a variety of fields. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 4 )
  • Ten Windows Password Myths - One aspect remains constant: passwords still play a central role in system security. The difficulty with passwords is that too often they are the easiest security mechanism to defeat. How to deal with the weakest point in any system: the human element. ( Added: 2003-08-02, Hits: 0 )
  • Tri-State Fairs - Computer Fair. Computers, monitors, printers, parts, supplies, accessories, etc. ""Wholesale"" prices to the public. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 3 )
  • UNIX @ CSI - College of Staten Island. Tutorials, discussion board, File Permissions, Command Reference, FAQs. ( Added: 2003-02-07, Hits: 3 )
  • When Will This Happen to You? - If you've found your way here you have a story to tell. Whether it's a missing file or a missing notebook, nearly everyone has a computer horror story. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 5 )
  • YouthCaN - A youth run organization that uses technology to inspire, connect and educate people worldwide about environmental issues. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 4 )