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  • Anti Vaccination League - The core of our mission is to educate, and thus warn, an unassuming public of the dangers running rampant within today's medical profession. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 2 )
  • National Vaccine Information Center - A vaccination shouldn't hurt a child but sometimes they do. Before your child takes the risk, find out what it is.
    800-909-SHOT. To register vaccine reactions, call 707-938-DPT3. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 1 )
  • New Yorkers for Vaccination Information and Choice (NYVIC) - New Yorkers for Vaccination Information and Choice ( NYVIC ) is dedicated to providing information and support to families and individuals who are exploring alternatives in health and seeking to make informed choices with regard to the possible vaccinatio ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 1 )
  • Vaccination Action File - Mounting scientific evidence is causing concerned experts to question whether the risk of harm from vaccines may be greater than their potential benefit in disease prevention. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 1 )
  • Vaccination News - Adverse Reaction Reports, Daily News, Recommended Reading List, etc. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 1 )
  • Your Rights To Avoid Immunizations - Most States only allow an exemption from immunizations for children attending school based upon religious beliefs or by a licensed physician signing a certificate indicating that the immunizations are contraindicated. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 1 )