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Updated links
  • Hyperscore - Designed to introduce children to musical composition and creativity in an intuitive and dynamic way, the "narrative" of a piece is expressed through freehand drawing. Used by the Toy Symphony project. ( Added: 2003-04-26, Hits: 3 )
  • TOM Server: Document Conversion - Carnegie Mellon University has a "TOM Server" document converter that�s free and open to the public. It can read files in many formats and either display them on screen, or convert then to a different format. ( Added: 2003-04-10, Hits: 4 )
  • Upgrading Projects from Visual Basic 6.0 to Visual Basic .NET - How to upgrade projects from Visual Basic 6.0 to Visual Basic .NET. We will start with an overview of what has changed in Visual Basic, and then explain why and when you should upgrade. ( Added: 2003-04-10, Hits: 7 )
  • Windows Update Catalog - Provides a comprehensive catalog of updates that can be distributed over a corporate network. It is a one-stop location for Windows Update content and Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Lab (WHQL) logo device drivers. ( Added: 2003-04-09, Hits: 6 )
  • Celebrate Brooklyn - Outdoor performing arts festival, offers programming all summer at the Prospect Park Bandshell. 718-855-7882 x45. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 7 )
  • Forgotten NY - Forgotten, overlooked, ancient sights in New York City. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 3 )
  • Jon Kadis’ Back Roads Page - A place to find some great motorcycle rides. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 3 )
  • Kids ’N Cars - An organization dedicated solely to the prevention of injuries and deaths due to children being left unattended in or around motor vehicles. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 3 )
  • Garmin International - A leader in Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 2 )
  • Joe Mehaffey and Jack Yeazel’s GPS Information Website - Hardware and Software Reviews, Tips, FAQ’s. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 1 )
  • SpywareInfo - Information on how to protect your privacy, remove an annoying piece of adware, restore your browser settings after being infected with a browser hijacker, or want to know whether free software might have an adware module hidden inside. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 7 )
  • Jasper Engines and Transmissions - Remanufactured engines, transmissions, differentials. Story on NASCAR Tech. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 2 )
  • Snopes.com - Urban Legends Reference Pages. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 2 )
  • E-ZPass New York Service Center - New York City. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 4 )
  • E-Z Pass Regional Consortium Center - Electronic toll collection. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 6 )
  • GeoCaching - Geocaching is an entertaining adventure game for gps users. The basic idea is to have individuals and organizations set up caches all over the world and share the locations of these caches on the internet. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 1 )
  • The Hunger Site - The Hunger Site focuses the power of the Internet on the eradication of world hunger. On average over 220,000 individuals from around the world visit the site each day to click the ""give free food"" button and help feed the hungry. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 1 )
  • All About GPS - GPS is a complex technology but understanding it can be quite easy if you take it one step at a time. This tutorial is designed to give you a good basic understanding of the principles behind GPS without loading you down with too much technical detail. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 4 )
  • Florida Department of Highway Saftey and Motor Vehicles (HSMV) - ... ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 1 )
  • New York State Department of Motor Vehicles - Information, Guides, orders, online renewals, forms, etc. ( Added: 2002-12-27, Hits: 2 )