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The Clarke Tests version 3.0 for Windows 95

What you see:

If you experience runtime error 31037:


Your registry thinks that The Clarke Tests can run from the CD ROM. It cannot, because as you take the tests, the program is keeping track of your scores. Therefore it has to write. The CD is READ ONLY. And/or the registry has "misplaced" some of the .ocx files.


Remove TCS directory (or other if you created any others) using "add/remove programs" in the Control Panel. Go into Windows Explorer and check for any other directories containing "The Clarke Test" files. Remove them.


Type "regedit" and then <enter>

In the registry, start each search at "My Computer" (using Edit - Find) for all references relating to all The Clarke Tests that may have been installed and manually delete them (delete the entire reference) - Use the F3 Key to Continue the search after Regedit has found something. Keep going on each search until you come to the "Finished searching through registry.".

Examples of what references to look for that need to be removed:

You are now finished with your registry.

With your Windows Explorer, please find and delete the \TCS\ directory or any other directory name you may have chosen to install the tests into.

Next, copy these three files to your C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\ directory from the CD-ROM:

Once you have moved the files into your C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory, check to make sure that they are not READ ONLY. To do this, find the files in your C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory, right click on each one separately and then click Properties. Uncheck the READ ONLY box, if it is checked.

Now, we need to let the registry "know" some critical information about the .ocx files. Bring up a DOS prompt, change to your CD-ROM drive, usually D: CD to the \????95 directory on the CD-ROM. (Replace ????? with the set of tests that you have purchased.) In this directory type,

Where C: is the drive that you have Windows installed on.

Then restart your system so the changes take effect and install The Clarke Tests normally.

Additional Notes:

1. You can save almost 60 MB's if you install all the tests by installing them into the same subdirectory.

2. If you install the tests into a different subdirectory other than the program files, go to the properties for the shortcut for Clarke! and put the whole path to where the tests are in the "start in" field. This will ensure that the test program will find the .WAV files for correct and incorrect answers.