It's not having someone you could express your inner emotions to.

Or not having a true friend to talk to, when you're feeling down and lost.

It's noticing people sometimes smiling and laughing, when you just feel like crying.

It's enduring life day after day wondering if anything good or exciting is going to happen.

It's being alone most of the time, and having the feeling that no one seems to care if you live or die.

It's staying out in the rain having no place to go to, never wanting the rain drops to stop hitting your face.

It's wanting to give your love so much, when you just don't have that someone to give your love to.

It's being without that special person who will want you, care for you and give you all the love that you would give.

It's waiting desperately to find the doors of happiness.

A Raul H. Carmona Presentation