You Know...

           copyright © 2002 Tiffanni Lee-Fong

How becoming a student is really hard
       when you�re not just a student
   have to work to help pay bills and buy groceries
       and thank God that I don�t have kids
          but my sisters come close
   and I can�t get involved at school
       even when it does appeal to me

How becoming a lover is so easy
       because it feels sooooooooo right
          when life is sooooooooo wrong
   and it reminds me that I am a human
       and that it�s ok to want and to need to want
       and to love to want and to love it even more when
          I have

How becoming an adult seems so overwhelming
       and I wonder and I think
          what will life be like
       scaring my self with the possibilities
          reluctant to admit that this
             could be it

How becoming a person is what I�m trying to do
       so I dive into my studies and hunt for a new job
   and I break up with my boyfriend
       because it seemed like the thing to do besides
       how can I grow when he�s in my space

How becoming a woman is what I have done
       I can tell by the way my mother looks at me
              by the way she speaks to me
              by the way she trusts me to make my own decisions
       I can tell by the way the men look at me
              by the way they speak to me
              by the way I don�t trust them when I�m making my own decisions

How becoming I am