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Grant: Arts@Work Grant
Description: The purpose of the grant is to encourage public secondary school arts teachers to collaborate with expert technology-using teachers and /or the business community to develop examples of technology-integrated arts curricula. Applicants & their partners will incorporate technology ( computer, multimedia, video, etc.) into standards-based arts curriculum. After developing , implementing,and evaluating this Arts@Work curriculum, each grantee will prepare an original unit from the curriculum to submit. (You are actually only submitting a description of a unit)Lynette has a copy of the National Arts Standards which should be used when writing this grant.
Funder: The NEA Foundation for the Improvement of Education
Eligibility: Lead applicant must be a secondary school teacher whose primary assignment is teaching 1 or more art forms.Lead applicant must collaborate with a partner who is a teacher who has resposibility for teaching technology. Review the selection criteria carefully.
Deadline: 2003-03-03
grant applications must be received via email attachment by 5;00 p.m.
Funds: $5000.00
Contact: 202.822.7840--NEA Foundation