September 11, 2001 By Stephanie Trinidad

My Heart fell�. Many dead

Lost And Missing An unknown terror surrounds us.

Black clouds fell upon the city, On the first night�.


Plagued the world.

The taste of blood plagued my heart. Many dead Many Gone

Lost Souls trying to find a way to Heaven.

The ones left behind, Search for the truth�

Why us? Why me? Why the Twin Brothers That stood tall and PROTECTED us? They fell and the world stood still.

Our hearts sank, Our minds wonder. Why were we the ones that SUFFERED? We all ask why?

We've helped so many, And they didn't help us.

Now Today We stand together to fight a WAR. Not only on the battlefields, But also at home�.

As we look and hope

That we come out on top and help those who need it.

For now our flag will fly tall and say that we will always be free. BLESSED BE!!!!

My Reactions to Ground Zero

Kimesha Kearse My reactions to Ground Zero were unexplainable. I didn't know what to do or what the world was coming to, but I was shocked. When the towers fell, I was upset, I was ready to kill every Arab in sight. But when I finally got home and watched the news, I realized it wasn't Arabs as people, it was certain individuals. My heart went out to all the people who was caught out there at the WTC and their families. Then I thought, why New York? It's peace though, because our colors don't run, and we will win this war. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! Ground Zero Reaction Adi Ladson a.k.a. Rayne After the September 11th incident at the World Trade Center, I wanted to go down there badly. When I went with Teen Talk to go to "Ground Zero" everyone around me was shocked... but I wasn't. We where about two blocks away from it looking at all the destruction and still I wasn't shocked. I saw windows blown in, dust covering literally every building around and still no effect. The problem was I wouldn't feel it was real unless I go right up to the destruction and touch it myself. I know it is true that is obvious but I still feel like it is a giant movie set, now I'm waiting to see what's next...! Reaction To Ground Zero Bridget We went to "Ground Zero" a month and a half ago, and when I saw the way how it looks out there, I was very said and upset. How could these terrorist do such a thing. Its not fare how they took so many lives. I really hope whoever's in charge of doing that, they find them and put them in jail! Ground Zero Reaction Jesenia Correa I was hurt. I was Devastated. I felt so depressed, very lonely when I went to Ground Zero. I felt so lonely because all I thought was about all those people missing that wont be surrounding me when I go over there. To know how many people are missing, how many people died it hurts. When I went to Ground Zero seeing how everything looks like now it leaves a painful devastation in your heart. Ground Zero Reaction Cassi Wilkins What happen to WTC on 9/11 was a tragedy we lost alot but at the sametime we gained history it's still hard for me to believe I witnessed history in the making and lived to tell it. I wish that everyone could have lived to tell the story to their children and their children's children, but that's not how war works unfortunately people die in wars. All I Feel I have the power to do in this situation is remember what happened and see to it that it never happens again. ! Reaction To Ground Zero ! Karina Castellanos Ground Zero to me was very graphic and sad. I had never in my life seen the things that I saw that day. Seeing the Army walking around as if we were in a warzone just had me in a daze. Thinking back and remembering how many people were killed because of somebody's twisted Religious beliefs just makes me sick, but we have to think about just rebuilding our community and thinking that this is a great country and we will prevail. Reactions toward Ground Zero Khalid King When I looked at ground zero on television, it really didn't look real. It looked like the end scene of an action movie. But when I got down there, it was like reality slapped me in the face. The whole area was dusty and smelled horrible. I guess you don't believe thta certain things are real until you stand in the middle of it. Being at ground zero made me realize that nothing last forever. I think nobody ever thought that the Twin Towers would ever fall. This also shows that people don't appreciate things until they are gone. Reactions to Ground Zero Kim Davis My overall perspective on the whole WTC incident is summed up by shock, disbelief, and anger. This was the worst tragedy that I ever witnessed in my life. Such an event can make you change your views on life. I was very fortunate not to have no one directly associated in the deaths of thousands of people due to this tragedy. But it is very heartbreaking to just image how many loved ones people lost due to inhuman acts of foreigners. I hope we can get past this and live out our lives to the fullest. Also, I wish justice will be brought to the people involved in this catastrophe. Shady Shay's Views of Ground Zero Words can't explain how I felt when I went to ground zero. I was just shocked, the feelings I felt was eating my heart away. I not to much of a sentimental person but ground zero bring it out of me. The world is a beautiful place but the wings of evil people makes it ugly. Peace Love Shady Shay