SUSAN MONDZAK: CREATOR / PRODUCER- TEEN TALK PRODUCTIONS. Susan has spent her whole professional life in the area of educational media productions. As Founder / Director of The Floating Hospital Theater, Susan then used her musical talents as director-songwriter for a health educational theater repertory company that performed regionally in the greater metropolitan NYC area. Simultaneously, her radio career launched as CO-creator of "ONCE UPON THE AIR"- a children's radio show airing on WBAI. As a free lance writer/producer, Susan was an award winning musical writer of "THE ADVENTURES OF MR. ENZYME" (musical video for children afflicted with cystic fibrosis), as well as writing "OUR VOICES COUNT"- a documentary production for developmentally disabled adults starring Geraldo Rivera. Susan then went on to create Teen Talk Radio...followed shortly thereafter by Teen Talk Live, Teen Talk Video, and Teen Talk TV. Susan holds a BA in Educational Theater, as well as a Masters Degree in Musical Composition, and is a lisenced Special Education and Music teacher.


Alice Jervis: Paraprofessional/ Technical Director with Teen Talk Productions. Alice started out as an intern with Teen Talk Productions. As an intern, she worked on live and documentary videos as a producer. Due to her hard work and talent as an intern she won the 1999 National Council on Crime & Delinquency Award in the Teen Genre. Shortly after graduating from the internship and receiving her high school diploma, she began working for WNYE (Ch.25). While at WNYE she worked as a receptionist and worked her way up to production assistant. As a production assistant she has worked as a camera operator and a teleprompter operator for several WNYE and Independent Producer/Directors.






TOM RONAN: Tom first became involved in radio at Richmond Hill High School in Queens....WHIL, the student run radio station. Now in his 13th year at WNYE, Tom is the PRODUCTION ENGINEER for most live and prerecorded radio programs produced in-house at WNYE. Besides TEEN TALK, he the production engineer for 'LEGAL LIVES', 'SOUNDS LIKE' and 'RADIO COMPASS'. Tom has been a critical player in the TEEN TALK success story. He is the engineer for all EDP shows which involve 18 different schools. He shepherds the 'TEEN TALK RADIO...On The Move' students (West Side HS, Island Academy, Bronx Blend HS, PSRC HS and Urban Peace Academy) through their initiation in broadcast radio. AND he works closely with TEEN TALK PRODUCTIONS and the 12 interns in residence from OES and West Side HS....Tom is very much a valued member of the TEEN TALK family !

TOM ...'at the controls', with Toni

RETIRED 2003 Toni & Jim

TONI DICKERSON: TECHNICAL DIRECTOR with TEEN TALK PRODUCTIONS, Toni has been teaching in NYC for 31 years. She helped begin TEEN TALK in 1993 and is involved with live and documentary radio programming with TEEN TALK high school students. She is the video specialist for Teen Talk. She is responsible for the video documentaries that appear on MNN-TV and that will be appearing on WNYE (Ch.25) beginning this fall. Prior to Teen Talk, Toni worked for WTBS and was involved with HERAMEDIA in the nationally acclaimed award-winning production of 'Just Because Of Who We Are' about violence against women. Toni is a graduate of Bronx Community College in Audio Visual Technology.


JIM MURPHY: Producer of TEEN TALK RADIO... On The Move, Jim has taught in NYC for 19 years...the first 18 with Principal Ed Reynolds at West Side HS where he was also the dean for many years. A graduate of Fairport HS (NY), he served in Vietnam '67-'68 and when he came home he was an activist with the Vietnam Veterans Against The War(VVAW). He earned his B.A. at the U.of Maryland and became Director of Education at Shon Tai Wilderness School (an alternative to incarceration for young men). Next he attended Indiana University's Alternative School Teacher Education Program (ASTEP). During this past year (2000-2001), TEEN TALK RADIO...On The Move created 15 different radio shows from WEST SIDE HS, ISLAND ACADEMY, PUBLIC SCHOOL REPERTORY COMPANY HS, URBAN PEACE ACADEMY and PROJECT BLEND HS-BRONX. It has been a good year! Son...Corey: Dose Of Reality