Shows from the BRONX...Project Blend High School

2000 - 2001 - 2002

SHOW #2 : 02/12


Student-reporters from Bronx Blend High School : Sean A., Charlie A., Xavier P., Natasha Lee H., Steven M.

Looking south on Jackson Avenue in the So.Bronx, this building houses our school, Bronx Project Blend High School . Our school offers us a caring environment that prepares us for the future. Although we are only 160 students and staff, we represent the diversity of NYC.
WHO WE ARE...Charlie A.- I was born in the Dominican Republic and was raised in NYC. In my free time I like to play basketball. I plan to go to college ....Xavier P.- I was born at Metropolitan and have always been in NYC. I live by the YANKEE STADIUM. I spend a lot of my time watching TV and love the show 'Tick' ....Natashalee H.-I'm happy to be in the NYC. My parents are from Puerto Rico. My brother is going to graduate this year and I'm next. I want to go to college and may become a pediatrician.




Best food in the South Bronx!

Sean A.- I'm 17 and from Bedford Park here in the Bronx. I came here from Evander Childs which was too big. I plan to get out of town for college and major in business... Steven Lee M.- ....



SHOW #1: AIRED LIVE NOV.15th 2001


Student-reporters from Bronx Blend HS : Evelyn V., Kadeesha W., Natasha Lee H. and Almaury A. along with Teacher Adam Fisher.

Our discussion in preparation to this show (with the assistance of Craig T., Lizzette R., Kimberly, Jose G., Erica C., Celestina and Jonathan A.) was to research links between musical preferences and ethnicity. As we went around the circle in our first meeting, we found absolutely no correlations in preference. Incubus...nsync...Pantera...Gospel...Alannis...'Dominican Underground Heavy Metal Rock'...Weeser...Salsa...and of course HIP HOP's DMX/J-Z/Big Pun. We then decided to simply ask musician guests that reflected our different preferences.

First we had DANNY GOTHAM from Phat Sound in Chapel Hill,NC who is a 'flat-picker' that plays guitar, mandolin and steel. He is involved with many forms of music from Bluegrass to Blues to Jazz. During the summer he tours NYS with The Raquette River Rounders (Lake George, Saratoga and The DAKS). The rest of the year he teaches in NC and plays with a Blues/Jazz group called COOL SHOOZ.

Next came ALBERT BOUCHARD, the drummer from the original BLUE OYSTER CULT (BOC). He related the transitions from his garage band on the St.Lawrence River thru HS to college and beyond. He shared a lot of info from his experiences... good and bad. He currently plays with the BRAIN SURGEONS and teaches Music at West Side High School in Manhattan.

Representing Hip Hop and Rap, we had AVION (from NYC) and YAOTL (AZTLAN UNDERGROUND out of LA). They discussed their words and motives. AVION is about young people 'seeing the good' and not letting the negative being allowed to hinder you'. YAOTL and AZTLAN UNDERGROUND see their words as a weapon against 'those that exploit the Mother Earth and her peoples'. There words are lifted to your ears by the traditional instuments of the original American people...drums and wind instruments.



SHOW #1: AIRED LIVE OCT.17th 2000


Student reporters/researchers from the Bronx: Kimberly, Jose G., Kelly, Jose R., Shaquia, Lizzette, Jememiah, Mario and William. Also joining the students are teachers Adam Fisher and Leila................

The first segment describes the students' experiences in the NYC schools and how an alternative school, Project Blend HS is different. They are joined in the second segment by students from'Friends of Island Academy',a school that assists students who were recently released from the Rikers Island Correctional Facility.The final guests are from a highly regarded alternative school in Lakewood, Colorado...Jefferson County Open School. Jefferson County Open is located 10 miles from Columbine HS and two of our guests attended Columbine HS.


SHOW #2: AIRED LIVE DEC.14th 2000

'.......ELECTION 2000'

This show's student reporters are: Keith, Jonathan, Amaury, Celestina, Jose, Lisa, Isaiah and Jovan. Their teacher is the talented Adam Fisher. Our guests for this important show are BARBARA BARR from THE LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS, JOSEPH HASLIP who is administrative assistant to State Senator DAVID PATTERSON and finally, joining us on the phone from WASHINGTON, D.C., is Congressman JOSE SERRANO.

REP. Jose Serrano shared his history and observations with us (he was born 5 blocks from the Bronx Blend HS). Joseph and Barbara discussed the ELECTORAL COLLEGE with us. The last segment was highlighted by a phone discussion with two students, CHRIS and SARAH, from S.A.I.L. Alternative HS in Tallahassee, Florida where the Capitol Building was surrounded by media trailers while the popular vote totals from the State of Florida were being interpreted.



'MONEY AND PRIVILEGE'....RACISM...a pigment of our imagination...yeah right !

Student-reporters from the BRONX BLEND are Mario, Amaury, Isaiah, Jovan, Chris and Johnny. Their teacher is, again, Adam Fisher. Our guests are Professor STEVE PANFORD from CUNY-New York City Technical College, MELVIN TAYLOR of the New York City URBAN LEAGUE...Media Specialist NYC Education, JOSEPH HASLIP - Chief of Staff for State Senator David Patterson and ANTHONY WILKINSON, a graduate of Yale Law School who is currently giving back by teaching in an urban high school.

In this show the student-reporters explore the issues of RACISM in terms of racial stereotypes, societal limits and how we must overcome these obstacles. Mario speaks to teacher expectation and how that damages student motivation. OUR guests illuminate on situations whereby they have encountered stereotypical racist treatment even as they were dressed as professionals.This is an excellent show to listen to if you have encountered racism and want some advice on how to react to this type of situation.