June 19th


4 PM on WNYE 91.5 FM


Javier Reynos... Michelle Abreu... Cynthia Silva... Marcus Reyes... Gary Garcia... Clara Diaz... Lourdes Alicea... Ilanna Vargas... Megan Weed... Pablo Reyna... Joseina Gouzman... Cindy Mongra... Jason Ebanks... Dejona Evans... Jasmine Holmes... Karl Lee... David White... Farse Omar... Karen Silva... Joanna Santana


Creative Arts Team and us...

Manhattan Village Academy has created the Drama Club, which promotes the artistic talent of many individuals. We aspire to create a non-violence play that will be performed in front of New York University students. Our play involves drugs, sex, and alcohol, but in no way our form to we promote this. Instead our play will convey the consequences of irrational thinking and a wreck lose demeanor with regards to marijuana, alcoholism and sex. The young people of today tend to have a nonchalant attitude regarding harmful things such as: " weed," " Snow," " E," "Dust", " Smack," " Crack" and "Chronic." All these thing need to be addressed by the young people that roam freely and thing that it's ok. We need to tell them that it's not ok to do things like this. If they hear it from people their own age then they will be more likely to listen and retain the information. We as thespians want you to laugh at our jokes. Clap when we finish and we won't hurt you.

Thanks, The Theater Club (Joseina Guzman & Jason Ebanks)

Drama/Radio Reactions, what we've noticed ....

since drama began both Mr. Koudounis and I have noticed dramatic changes in our students work, no pun intended. our studentshave grown as people, learners, actors and coaches. They have collaborated on writing skits, programs for radio and ultimately a theme which has been the background for their final projects. We have witnessed a visible sense of comraderie and community among all of the people who participated in both drama and radio, including Mr. Koudounis and myself. When discussing aspects of non-violence the students were mature and articulate. This attitude wasprevalent throughout their work this semester yet never over shadowed a sense of fun. The students created a balance which we feel is apparent through their hard work and creativity.


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