SHOW #3 - April : "When Day Meets Night"

Our guest author is RAMADHAN NANJI, a counselor with Friends Of Island Academy.This book is part of a trilogy about two diverse characters from Harlem NY. The author has created these books as a warning to young African-American men to heed the words of the positive people in their lives to 'do the right thing'. Author Nanji draws from his own experiences with incarceration to hone his critically important message to young people.

Students from the classes of Mr. Mtima, Ms.Grant and Mr.Rodriguez read Ramadhan's book and then created the interview questions for this show which was taped on Rikers Island with the interns from Teen Talk Productions.

Student-reporters : Johnathan P., Supreme, Sanchez, Reef, Prince and Shogun

Ramadhan Nanji can be contacted through Friends of Island Academy or at www.harlemknights.com/



SHOW #2 - February : ''WRITING...On The Blackside"

Relationships in the communities where the slave trade changed entire cultures and traditions was discussed by our student researchers with our guests Sam Anderson (The Black Holocaust For Beginners) and Herb Boyd (Brotherman). Sam Anderson is currently at the Center For Justice at Medgar Evers(CUNY) while Herb Boyd is a featured journalist with The Amsterdam News. You won't want to miss the Island Academy student-reporters discussion with Sam and Herb on topics of 'family and the effects of slavery', THE MILLION MAN MARCH and the BLACK PANTHERS versus the motives of the BLOODS and CRIPS. This show will hopefully be available for download in January. Look for our broadcast at 4:00-5:00 on WNYE 91.5 FM. This show will also be broadcast on WHCR 90.3 (live audio stream).




.......Our initial show each year is a roundtable discussion with the students attending Island Academy and the WNYE student interns who are in their senior year West Side High School in Manhattan. The students have some wise words of advice for young people about living under lock and key AND how easy it is to get caught out there being stupid. Copies of this show are available at cost. Just go to FEEDBACK and make your request.

Island Academy Panel : Alfredo F....What's up...I'm from the Concourse ( for those of you that are out of town)...That's the BRONX ! My next stop is Bronx Comm.College for Music. Adrian H....what's popping...I'm from Webster and 188th(Bronx Villian's)...Bronx forever! When I get out I'm going to college. Also want to spend a lot of time with my little daughter and basically work and chill... do things right.Holla at your boy!!! Orlando C....What's craccin...I'm from 224th Boston Rd. in Baychester in the Bronx .My only regret is not being home with my little three month old son, Orlando Xavier C...When I get out of jail I'm gonna do the right thing by my little loc. Raymond C...What's popping... I'm from 174th Bronx River in the Bronx. My only fault in life is being in jail. When I get out I'm gonna get a job and do what I gotta do. I have a family that really cares about me and they told me the things I was doing was wrong but I didn't listen. Now I have learned my lesson. Shaheme H....What's up.... this is your boy from no other than that 179th street and Valentine. Carlton P....what up...people. Jaime F....Hi... I am from the Bronx am in jail because of drugs.Jail is not cool so I hope you do not think you want to come in here. Andrew G.... I'm from Brooklyn - East New York. When I leave from here I wish to go back to college. Perhaps a college outside of New York. It's time to move on and up. Eric R....What's up ! I'm from the Lower East Side ( that's Manhattan). I hope to have my GED when I get out of here. Then I might go into the military or business school for that or computers. AND I'll never come back here again ! Rashawn C....What's good ya'll... they call me Rajoey and I'm from Staten Island. There I'm known as Shaolin. When I get home I'm gonna be working on the rest of my album for the rap industry. Hopefully I'll be in the game soon. HOLLA BACK,ONE! Darnell R....WHAT'S POPPIN? I'M FROM THE BRONX. PEOPLE CALL ME MAYO. I'M IN HERE FOR NOT RATTING ON MY MAN. A LOT OF PEOPLE TOLD ME I SHOULD HAVE BUT I DONT GET DOWN LIKE THAT. HOPEFULLY WHEN I GET OUT IN A FEW, I'LL DO ABOUT 2 YEARS OF COLLEGE AND THEN TRY TO BECOME A MANAGER OF MY OWN LABEL [ONE]...... Yoha Y...WHAT'S up? My name Yoha Y. I am from Harlem which is Manhattan. I am here for trying to make fast dollars. I have been sentenced to 8 months in jail with time out for lots of good time. While in jail I hope to finish school.