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"Battered Women"...What do we need to know as teens?

The Leadership Class of Urban Peace Academy presents Teen Talk...On The Move "LIVE' on June 6th.




MARCH 21st at 4:00-5:00 on WNYE 91.5 FM

Listen to our live show on the topic :

'UNSUNG HEROINES...Women Can Do...

Don't Believe The Hype!

...Angel P.: Hi I'm from Madison/112th and my pastimes are basketball, sleeping, watching TV and surfing the internet. In the future I'm interested in Archeology but would love to be a comedian. I also want to go into construction. II love to make people laugh...if I can make someone smile or laugh then I will be OK([email protected]) ... Tyrone B.: I'm from the BRONX but I was raised in Manhattan. I like playing video games-training in fighting games (SF,GT, Tekken, All vs). I watch the good movies, TV, listen to music, wrestle and, oh yah, school. I'm going to get the gold diploma, go to college...graduate and wrestle. Last...I love Digimon!([email protected].) ...Isabel M.: I'm from Spanish Harlem but I was born in NJ.I love drawing, dancing, singing and writing. I want to go to NYU...I'd like to become a designer. I also would like to model for a fashion company. I want to travel around the world, learn different languages and even study child psychology.([email protected])

Tabitha Aida R.: Hi I live in Spanish Harlem and I was born and raised here in NYC. Someday I'll be a psychiatrist.... Christine R.: I'm from Spanish Harlem, New York, New York.This is my favorite time in my whole life but I will embrace it in my heart and memories. Well honestly, I'm married to a wonderful guy. I love you baby! Live life to the fullest...MIO

SHOW #1 : AIRED OCT. 19th

"The Politics of Poetry...writing for a change...politically and personally that is"

Student Panel: 1) Efrain F. Perez III... I am a 17 year old Senior at Urban Peace Academy and I'm proud to be from Spanish Harlem.I will be attending DeVries Institute next year.

2) Roberto Perez...I am a 17 year old Junior and live in Harlem on 116th Street.I want to go to college to take up business management.

3) Yasmin Johnson...I live at the Lakeview Complex at 106thStreet here in Manhattan. I am 17 years old and am a Junior. I like Biology and hope to study medicine when I graduate.

4) Jason Vasquez...I'm a 19 year old Senior at Urban Peace...born and raised in East Harlem. I write R&B and Rap song any time all of the time. I'm looking at Institute for Audio Research in the NYC.


GALE JACKSON - Poet and Professor..."Poetry as an ancient tradition giving voice to our ancestors coming from our inner knowledge and feelings."

GRACE BENIQUEZ - Poet and Teacher from Urban Peace Academy Secondary School

MAKEBA MOONCYCLE - Hip Hop Recording Artist and Organizer ( Black Watch)


Aries Trowell, Christine Edwards, Nikka Edwards, Richard Walker and Paul Nelson

SHOW #2 : Aired 1/11/01

"The Poetry Of Rights...the Reflection of Struggle"

Student Panel: 1) Michelle James, 2) Jason Vasques, 3) Keisha Price, 4)Tangie Feliciano, and 5) Chris Cancel

Friends: Fred Terrell, LaToya Claiborne, Aries Trowell and Nikka Edwards

Teacher: Grace Beniquez


1) MICHAEL AFRICA of 'SEEDS OF WISDOM"....Michael is a member of the MOVE ORGANIZATION founded by JOHN AFRICA and the SEEDS OF WISDOM is the RAP GROUP made up of the children of the MOVE FAMILY.

2) YAOTL of 'AZTLAN UNDERGROUND'....Yaotl is the lead vocalist of Aztlan Underground, a rap group from Southern California, which expresses a revolutionary voice for all peoples but in the tradition of the ORIGINAL PEOPLES of this continent.

SHOW #3 : Taped 6/05/01

"Male - Female Relationships"

Student Panel: Kalik, Ciera, Mathew, Jason, Selena, Takia, Antoinette, Malik, Nichelle, Unique

Teacher: Grace Beniquez


1) Denene Millner, an editor with Honey Magazine


2) Nick Chiles, a journalist with Newsday

Nick and Denene are husband and wife and have co-written 3 books... What Brothers Think, What Sistahs Know 'About Love and Relationships' and 'Money, Power and Respect'. Denene also authored 'Sistah's Rules'.