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Shows : 2001-2002

SHOW #2 : 03/07 : 1st Amendment - "Do we want the government to protect us

from what we see, what we read or what we hear?"

Our Guests : John Tinker of the 'Des Moines versus Tinker' Supreme Court case of 1965 which established the criteria for free speech by teenagers in a public high school and Chris Dunne from the NYCLU.

Student Reporters from Norman Scott's American History Class :


Listen and call-in ... 91.5 FM WNYE 4:00-5:00 (718)522-5642

Show #1 - 11/01 : War Against Terrorism and the Military Service


BEN CHITTY - Vietnam Veterans Against the War(VVAW)

ED DANIELS - Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA), Black Vets For Peace and Justice

MARY REYNOLDS POWELL - Vietnam Veteran, Army Nurse at Bien Hoa and

Author of "A World of Hurt: Between Innocence and Arrogance in Vietnam.

Everyone from panel to reporters to callers have divurging opinions on this topic. A phone caller from New Jersey...Catherine brought the opinion of a twelve-year USAF Officer that corresponded with Hassan's beliefs. Ben and Ed made the point that many casualties are not apparent or conveniently forgotten by the government and the media. The economic benefits to certain corporations was put on the table. The other issue is, of course, access to what's happening". The discussion was clear and clean. This show is available by simply emailing us at the FEEDBACK address and we'll get it out to you.

Produced by the American History students of Norman Scott at Edward A.Reynolds West Side High School

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