Concord High School - Teacher Use of Technology Self-Evaluation

Please check the highest level that describes what you can do at the present time.  Marking the top level also indicates that you can also achieve the previous levels.
1. Responsible Use
__ Level 1 - I do not understand what responsible use means.
__ Level 2 - I take care of the equipment I use, maintain the power supply cord, and properly handle
             and shut down my computer.
__ Level 3 - I understand and follow Department of Ed and school rules concerning logging in, email use, internet safety,
              passwords, privacy, copyright, file downloading, and student IM'ing.
__ Level 4 - I model responsible use and teach others how to be responsible users.
2. Basic Computer Use
__ Level 1 - I do not use a computer.
__ Level 2 - I log on, log off, open, use and close programs on my own.
__ Level 3 - I multi-task, using more than one program at the same time.
__ Level 4 - I learn new programs and discover additional program features on my own.
3. File Management
__ Level 1 - I save the documents I create using the computer to the hard drive.
__ Level 2 - I select, open and save documents into my network "home" folder.
__ Level 3 – I create my own folders to keep files organized and know how to identify the date and
             size of each file and folder.
__ Level 4 – I use the school network effectively by moving between home my home directory and
              other network volumes.
4. E-mail
__ Level 1 - I do not use e-mail.
__ Level 2 - I compose and send appropriate e-mail messages within the school community.
__ Level 3 - I organize my mail folders to save messages and delete those I no longer need.
__ Level 4 - I use e-mail to communicate with students, collegues and administrators, conduct research,
             participate in listservs and post to online discussion boards.
5. Word Processing
__ Level 1 - I do not use word processing software.
__ Level 2 - I use Microsoft Word for basic writing tasks.
__ Level 3 - I use Microsoft Word tools (font style, spell check, grammar check) to edit my work.
__ Level 4 – I am able to make links on my web page to Microsoft Word documents I've created.
6. Graphics
__ Level 1 - I do not use graphics.
__ Level 2 - I create pictures with painting and drawing programs.
__ Level 3 - I insert my own graphics and clip art, citing my sources.
__ Level 4 - I require my students to use graphics (example: digital photos, scanned drawings)
             as part of their coursework, and have the necessary expertise to support that use.

7. Web Development
__ Level 1 - I do not make web pages.
__ Level 2 - I use basic HTML or Dreamweaver to make a document.
__ Level 3 - I create original web pages, combining design elements such as backgrounds,
             buttons, navigation bars, tables and multimedia such as Flash, animated gifs, and imbedded audio files.
__ Level 4 - I create web pages for my classes, FTP them to the server, and maintain them.
__ Level 5 - I require my students to create web pages to post their coursework, supported by my expertise.

8. Spreadsheet
__ Level 1 - I do not use spreadsheets.
__ Level 2 - I design, create, modify and troubleshoot spreadsheets.
__ Level 3 – I create graphs and charts to communicate the meaning of my information.
__ Level 4 - I use spreadsheets for instructional purposes, and require my students to use them.
9. Research / Information-Searching
__ Level 1 - I do not use electronic sources to find information.
__ Level 2 - I locate information in electronic sources.
__ Level 3 - I select, gather and use information from multiple electronic sources to answer a question.
__ Level 4 - I analyze, evaluate and communicate the information I’ve gathered, and credit the sources I've used.
10. Internet  Research
__ Level 1 - I do not use the Internet for research.
__ Level 2 - I visit Internet sites to design web quests, prepare research resources for students,
                and use navigation buttons to move between pages.
__ Level 3 - I use various search engines to efficiently locate information on my research question.
__ Level 4 - I evaluate and select Internet information that is reliable, identify and evaluate the web host, and
             provide instruction in the proper citation of sources.
11. Power Point
__ Level 1 - I do not use Microsoft PowerPoint.
__ Level 2 - I use templates to create PowerPoint presentations.
__ Level 3 - I start with a blank presentation, then add text, pictures and sound to create original presentations.
__ Level 4 - I create original presentations that are well organized, and use them to effectively present to my classes.
__ Level 5 - I require my students to use PowerPoint for presentations, suppored by my expertise.
This form was developed by the library media specialists and teachers of the Bellingham Public Schools who based it upon the Mankato Scale first developed by the Mankato (Minnesota) Public Schools to measure the growth of student technology skills.