School Violence Prevention Program
at Concord High School

Dennis Cotter, CSW, Director
James Ciampa, School Based Counselor

Since 1973, Camelot has been servicing children, adolescents, and families. The dedication and excellence of Camelot continues in it's school violence prevention program at Concord High School. Skillfully trained counselors are available to students and their families daily. Thirty- five students will participate in the program annually. The program also invites all students to be proactive and design anti-violence newsletters and partake in mediation sessions. Stipends will be awarded to those students who participate in these activities.

Program Goals and Objectives

  • To replace angry and violent behaviors with non-violent clear communication skills
  • Decrease the number of detentions/ suspensions for maladaptive behavior
  • Reduce class disruptions
  • Reduce gang involvement by improving social skills
  • Teach anger and stress management skills
  • Explore the nature and causes of violence with individual students
  • Reduce incidents of truancy
  • Reduce incidents of criminal activities
  • Educate students as to the general nature and causes of societal violence
  • Raise consciousness concerning the general nature and causes of violence among students and within the family

Program Services

  • Assessment and post assessment
  • Weekly individual and group counseling
  • Monthly class presentations
  • Crisis intervention and referral
  • Family support groups
  • Community involvement, including: Student advisory council, Peer mediation, Anti-violence newsletter
  • Workshops on violence prevention in schools and communities


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