Student Activities


Here you can learn about the staff's and students' activities and inerests.

If you have an activity or interest that you would like to share with others, contact me (Coach Ladner) to list your actiivity or interest here.

If you see an activity or interest listed here that you like, then communicate with the contact person to get more information.


1. Learn how to draw Super Hero cartoons. Yes, now you too can draw just like a professional. O.K. maybe not just like a professional, but you can greatly improve your drawing ability. After you draw a cartoon figure, you can even scan it onto your website. It's fun and relaxining. And you will not believe what you can draw.

Contact: Coach Ladner, Room 205

2. Make films. Yes, now you too can make a movie and put it on cable T.V.! I'm looking for actors willing to make shows related to issues that affect students.

Contact: Coach Ladner, Room 205

3. Psychology, marketing, journalism, and interviewing . Would you be interested in finding out how people think and feel about issues that affect students? Would you like a taste of journalism? Would you like to learn a little bit about how organizations find out what you "need."? If you answered yes to any of these qauestions then...

Contact: Coach Ladner, Room 205.

4. Peer tutoring. If you are good in a subject, then become a tutor to help others.

Contact Coach Ladner, Room 205