Changing Your Password in OWA

Division of Instructional and Information Technology
Office of E-mail Planning and Administration

The first thing that you need to do, before navigating through the system, is to change your password. You will be asked to type in your old (original) password and then to enter a new password. The new password will need to be entered twice, to ensure correct spelling.

To change your password:

  1. Log into your mailbox.
  2. Click on Options at the Shortcuts menu.

  3. At the next screen, scroll down until you see Change Password. Click.

At the Internet Service Manager Screen:

  • Enter district
  • Enter your login
  • Enter your old password (last 6 digits of SS#)
  • Enter your new password
  • Enter your new password again
  • Click OK to return to your Inbox

More About Passwords
  • Passwords are case sensitive. This means if you mix upper and lowercase letters, it must be typed exactly the same way each time.
  • Choose a password you will find easy to remember, but not one that is so obvious that others will know what it is.
    • Passwords to private e-mail accounts should never be given out
    • Choose a password that is at least 6 characters in length
    • If possible, make it alphanumeric (a mix of letters and numbers)
  • Passwords appear as asterisks (*) on the screen, to prevent others from seeing the passwords

Questions about Teacher Outlook e-mail may be addressed to [email protected]

If you need technical assistance please contact your district Information Technology Director (ITD) or contact the DOE Helpdesk at (718) 935-5100 (press 1 for touch tone phone and then press 3 for Outlook support)