Our server runs on the Linux operating system. It does not crash. It has personality.

correction: It crashed once and I learned a lesson: don't play around with the kernel!

RedHat makes a friendly distribution of Linux. When we add software, we just have to downlaod an RPM file that installs all the neccesary components. That makes life easier.

The hardest worker in town. Apache does almost all of the work and almost none of the complaining. Linux may be a stable OS, but it sure is picky and likes to whine. Apache is like your Grandma: it ignores your shenanigans, always bakes cookies when you need 'em, and makes you fell like you can do no wrong.

A sneaky little feller, I use php to spit out html on the fly. This allows me to vary web content based on variables such as client IP, referring URL, or the time of day. The most important feature however is the ability to include mySQL database information in a webpage.

Why change html pages when you can build them once and just change their contents in a database? This is particularly helpful when multiple pages reference the same piece of data.

Instead of wasting away my hours browsing the site for broken links, I let Wusage read my server logs and give me graphical reports about errors, keywords used to find the site, and usage statistics by directory. I love it.

My first computer was a Mac. I've stuck to them ever since.
I once spent a year running a Windows 98 lab with an NT server. I had everything running pretty solidly, but whenever I really wanted to get something done, I KNEW it could be done twice as quickly on a Mac. In all honesty, the NT server DID run pretty well...

Whatta you know, I'm a quirky Mac guy. I use random pieces of software that are perfect for me, but that no one's ever heard of. Freeway builds the pages for this site and creates the graphics from text on the fly. Good luck trying to buy this on Fasttrak!

What more can I say than, 'Multi-file text searches AND boolean find and replace functions!" And you thought it was just text.

Why even wait for Photoshop to load when I can resize and crop a picture in GraphicConverter in half the time.