• RedHat Linux 7.1 Server
  • WWW/FTP accounts (one per school)
  • PHP scripting support
  • Perl scripting support
  • mySQL databases
  • Email listserves
  • Quicktime Video Streaming
  • Virtual Hosting for schools with their own Domian Names
  • Technical support for all web technologies
  • Individual WWW, FTP, email accounts for Teachers
  • Potential for schools to give Students WWW, FTP, email accounts

What this means is that schools have great flexibility in creating their web pages. Using the combination of PHP and mySQL, any web page can incorporate information pulled from a database. This can be as simple as having a dynamic staff directory, and as complicated as a multithreaded discussion board or a custom school calendar. Any school can take on the challenge of creating web pages with PHP and mySQL, and I will try to assist them whenever they get stuck.

Many of our teachers have taught their students to create web pages but had to ftp those pages themselves as the school only had a single ftp account. We aim to help schools to provide accounts to their students, enabling the students to take ownership of their own "space" on the internet.

  • Windows 2000 Server
  • ASP scripting support