The Parent Involvement Institute will enable parents to become advocates for their children. It will empower them to support their children’s education from an informed stand-point. Parents will become full partners in the educational process in school, at home, and in their community.


The Institute will offer parents a series of eight (8) workshops. These thought-provoking and challenging workshops will focus on developing skills and creating a solid foundation for promoting effective parent involvement in their school. Each workshop will be presented as a separate section tailored to the needs of the parents. In-house staff developers, outside consultants, and experts in their fields, will facilitate these workshops.


45-18 Court Square, 2nd Fl., LIC, NY 11101
(E/F train to 23rd Street/Ely Ave or G train to Court Square)


6:00 ­9:00 p.m.


(Every second Wednesday)

Octber 10, 2001 Feburary 13, 2002

November 14, 2001 March 13, 2002

December 12, 2001 April 10, 2002

January 9, 2002 May 8, 2002

Refreshments and a $3.00 metro card will be provided

Workshop topics


“Waiting to Exhale”

The strange world of parenting a H.S. student


“All about the Money”

School budgeting & College planning


“The who, what, why of testing”

Regent ­ RCT - PSAT/SAT


“Bonding with your teen”

Relationship Building ­Adolescent Development


“Men do make a difference”

The role of men in a child’s education


“Arts in Education”

How the arts enhance education


“Not going to College´┐Ż.?”

Career Planning


Awards Ceremony

Over 30 years of research has shown that parent involvement in education contributes, not only to children’s positive school perception, but also to improved academic performance. The more the relationship between family and school approaches a comprehensive, well-planned partnership, the higher the student achievement.

Recognizing this need for our schools to develop and maintain meaningful relationships with parents we have developed the

Parent Involvement Institute

The Parent Involvement Institute is a skills development program specifically designed for parents in our Superintendency. The program will explore with parents various things they can do to help their children succeed in school. It will also provide them with the confidence and skills needed to effectively advocate for their children.

The cornerstones of the program are respect, validation, and a belief that parents are an integral and valuable partner in student achievement.

The Institute is a unique effort to develop a cadre of strong parent leaders to spearhead educational reform in our schools.

Participation in the Parent Involvement Institute will help parents:

understand the educational needs of their children
communicate more effectively with school personnel
access available resources
create a network of trained parents