What up? My name is Alex Garcia. On my block they call me either Al or venom. I go the name al because all of the older guys called me al and I just stuck with it ever since then. I got the name Venom because I created that name and now all my friends call me Venom. I chose this name because it describes what I can be when I�m mad or what I can be to you if get on my bad side.
The second thing I�m going to talk about is my hood. Wilson projects is where I�m from and what I represent. In my hood we don�t mess with anyone unless they mess with one of us and if they do everyone gets involved in it. We are also easy people to get along with, just don�t cross us.
My main goal in life is to be something that no one ever thought I could be, which is successful. I want to have a very good paying job, two kids, and a beautiful wife to be with. �Don�t throw rocks if you live in a glass house�. I�m good to others so I feel they should treat me the same way I treat them. In the end I want to grow old and retire knowing I got what I wanted out of life.