All You need to know about baby dimples
By Celina Cintron

Hello! My name is Celina, but I like to be known as Baby Dimples or Stupid Star. I live in a place called Spanish Harlem, but sometimes stay in the Bronx (Parkchester). Both places are gang infested and very ghetto. Gang infested, meaning has a lot of different gangs, and ghetto, meaning the people, well, most of the people in both places have little or no class. They come out of their house in rollers, eat cereal outside, shout out their friends through the window at 1:00 in the morning, smoke w**d in the middle of the park, etc.

I like to consider myself to be sensitive and funny. I try to relate to people's feelings as much as possible but then again I like to joke around. I like to listen to Jagged Edge and watch lots of television. I'm easy going but most people criticize me as being lazy. I do clean but only when I'm asked. My favorite musical artists are: A) Jagged Edge (especially Kyle), B) Fabolous, C) P-Diddy, D) Ja-Rule, E) Jennifer Lopez, F) Nelly, G) Ludacris, H) Missy Elliot, and I) Eminem.

In one year I'd like to see myself with a job, my own good amount of money, and living somewhere else. Someplace better, and less ghetto. In about 10 years I'd like to see myself with a big house, a car, and lots of money. I have dreams of bigger and better things that I'm going to be striving to get to. One of my favorite quotes by 2 of my favorite artists, J-lo & Ja-Rule is, "�I'm real�" because that's definitely what I want to consider myself to be.