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My advice to young investers is to make sure you stay on top of the stock that you are reseaching
because stocks tend to go up and down.
Investing in stocks can make you go crazy, because of the ups and downs; and if you let your anger cloud your mind,
you can lose lots of money. ( You must keep your cool. )

Before you even buy shares in a stock, you must first research it. You can't put your money in something just because you
 saw an ad on T.V.; you buy stock because it makes you money.

here's a guide on how  to research a stock and mutual fund, you can also use the chart to campare you stocks and mutual fund with others


stcoks                                             mutral fund  
Company name:                             
Company Name:                                         
Ticker Symbol :
Ticker Symbol:
Sales Price:
Sales Price:
Year Low :
Expense Ratio:
Year High :
Front,Back,or No load:
Price Earnings Ratio:
Net Asset Value: