My Internet Biography

My name is Jo'el Rutledge and I live in L.P houses. People get wild and crazy sometimes over here.I am a kid who gets in trouble alot.I am very creative with the clothes I wear {it has to match}.My two favorite things to do are playing games and to study {when I have to.} In 2002 I would like to have alot of clothes,boots,and sneaker's. My goals in life is to finish High School and to get a job, also to be a football star and to play in the NFL.My favorite arists is Jadakiss,The Lox,R.R,Jay-Z and the Roc-a-fella camp,Piddy and the bad boy Family,Timberland and Bubbba Sparxx,Micheal Jackson,R.Kelly,Philly's Most Wanted. Favorite Line from a song:"So you got a gun do you know how to use one"My favorite Athlete's are Barry Bonds and Tracy Mcgrady they are nice with what sports they play like Barry, he hit 73 homeruns he also beat Big Mac record {70}.T-mac also led the NBA playoffs with 31.6 points he also helped the Orlando Magic make it to playoffs,to me the Magic will make it to the finals this year,but the L.A Lakers
will be the N.B.A Champions for a 3 straight year 2001-2002