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                  As a team for the Kurt Thomas stock market game what we did was invest in different types

of stock. The way we thought of our stock was by researching things we used daily, tracked them, 

 campared them to other companies,
and then we decided if we wanted to buy them. My team consisted 

or Kerin Poe and myself .  My team bought stocks in GE, Darden and Dove soap. The reason why we 

bought General Electric was because when we researched it ‘s overall performance and it was good. And plus the

stock was steadiliy. We aslo thought about our favorite restaurants and what we decided was Olive Garden

and red Lobester. Darden also owns two more restaurants called Smokey Bones And Bahama Breeze. the 

reason why we decided to buy this stock was because when we researched the company the dividend was steadiliy rising yearly.