[Linux] can't logon from console

P. Robert Marino [email protected]
Mon, 08 Jul 2002 01:05:35 -0400

Phil Beder wrote:
> Using Red Hat 7.1
> I wanted to kill my KDE session which had completely frozen.  I could 
> toggle to the console (using Ctrl+Alt+FKey) but none of the logons or 
> passwords got me into the machine.  I forced a shutdown and rebooted 
> to find all logons and passwords work to get into the KDE/Gnome GUI 
> logon but I can't logon at the console?
> What must I do to satisfy the Linux god ?
> ALSO trying to do things in the control panel (like network 
> configuration) brings up an error message to install "linuxconf" which 
> seems to be a GUI based configuration program.  Does anyone know where 
> this package resides on the CD-ROM or why it didn't install?
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well linuxconf is a vital part of the red hat gui interface there should 
be a directory on you redhat cds called RPMS the exact path of this 
directory i don't know because i don't use red hat anymore so that part 
you will have to figure out on your own however if i had to guess it 
would probably be /mnt/cdrom/RedHat/RPMS keep in mind this is only a 
guess the quick way to find the rpm is to find the directory containing 
the rpms and type "ls linuxc*.rpm"in that directory. even if you cant 
login at the console you should be able to open a shell from Xwindows 
(aka gnome or kde, or whatever gui desktop environment you are running) 
once you have found the rpm you should be able to use the command "rpm 
 -Ivh linuxcon*.rpm" to install it
as far as the console login you should be able to login with the same 
user name and password unless somehow you managed to put a space or a 
capital letter in your user name.
have you tried loging in at the console as root
i normally don't recommend it but if you cant login to the console it 
may be necessary to try it
if loging in as root dose not work post the exact error message word for 
word and ill try to let you know whats going on and how to fix it