[Linux] still can't mount server

Phil Beder [email protected]
Sat, 27 Jul 2002 00:27:26 -0400

No firewall running that I set-up or know of.  The one response that I got 
from the debian listserve was to check the nfs version.  Some unix flavors 
(such as Irirx) need to have a vers=2 or vers=3 in the mount command.  I 
was getting the errno connection refused mounting the windows partition.  I 
am now getting other error messages mounting other directories (i.e. /home 
& /etc).  I got pretty discouraged and moved onto other things for a 
while.  I'm ready to come back and start banging on this one again.  I got 
a bigger hammer.  Watch-out Cups here  you're next.
> >the second problem is a server side problem
> >the nfs server for one reason or an other  is refusing the conection
> >
>Firewall perhaps?
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