[Alt School Linux] Shared resources & Netatalk

P. Robert Marino [email protected]
Fri, 04 Oct 2002 11:29:17 -0400

  Phil Beder wrote:
> Debian's Netatalk allows student logons nicely.  I was wondering if 
> any one knows how to share other folders and set-up shared resources 
> such as encyclopedia(s) and other reference materials.

the instructions should be right in the config file 
here is an example of how to share the copy of world book which comes 
with new macs
copy the contents of the cd in to a directory for example /usr/encyclopedia
now add this line to /etc/atalk/AppleVolumes.default
/usr/encyclopedia   "World Book Encyclopedia"  
here is the break down of the line
1) the path /usr/encyclopedia
2) the name of the share in quotes
3 the options
the share will honor the unix permission so set the perminssions on the 
directory from the unix command prompt
in this case i would sujest owner root RWX group root RX other RX
all of the options for the share are listed at the top of the config 
file and in the man page keep it simple untill you get know how the 
interact with each other