[ProgressiveEd] URGENT for April 10th meeting

[email protected] [email protected]
Wed, 2 Apr 2003 15:29:08 EST

Dear friends,
I need two things from every school for the April 10th meeting.  First, if 
you haven't done so already, we need to be able to produce a list of schools 
that are affiliated with PENNY.  Please send back an email and let me know 
that you want your school included.  (We also need lists of any networks of 
schools you've been putting together.)  Thanks.
Second, we need to produce clear and powerful evidence that our schools are 
successful in educating children beyond the standards that the Department of 
Education has set.  We need evidence of our own record keeping, our own ways 
of knowing each child, staff development, curriculum, student retention data, 
attendance, etc.  We need to show ways we can connect our work to the city, 
state, and federal standards.  What will this evidence look like?  How can we 
present it in a cogent way?  The delegation that is meeting with Mr. Klein 
and Ms. Cahill will meet this Monday (place, time to be announced).  We need 
as much information and data from you as possible before then.  Please 
contact me with ideas and materials.
Thanks.  Bruce Kanze