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Thu, 3 Apr 2003 20:10:11 EST

I guess those of us that got the 1 year pass are among 88 schools. I am sorry 
the previous post just sent itself.  But this is what I wanted to send.  How 
many PENNY schools got the "pass"?
After appeals from teachers and parents, the city's Department of Education
added 119 more schools to the list of those that will not have to implement
a standardized reading and math curriculum starting in September. The
department gave 31 schools and programs a two year exemption and another 88 
schools  - which the department declined to identify - a one year exemption.
Along with 209 other schools that in February were granted freedom from
Chancellor Joel Klein's requirement of a standardized instructional
approach, a total of 328 schools - or one in four - will be permitted to use
whatever curricula works for them. The rest of the city's schools will be
given a uniform teaching system that Mayor Michael Bloomberg hopes will
raise test scores. For more on the issue and why so many are angry, see
Gotham Gazette's education column "Making the List."