[ProgressiveEd] Preparation for Thursday's Meeting

[email protected] [email protected]
Mon, 7 Apr 2003 12:52:28 EDT

Hi, folks.
Please bear with me as I work on my worries about the upcoming meeting with 
Chancellor Klein and Michele Cahill.  (We may have room for another teacher.  
If you'd like to recommend someone, please get back to me right away.)  The 
delegation, so far, is as follows:  
            Judy Garnar-Wortzel, PA co-president, Children's Workshop School
            Donna Brewster, principal, Gwendolyn Brown School, P.S. 144
            Norma Morales, social worker, Bronx International HS
            A student from Bronx International High School
            Stacy Dupres, parent (and former student) at Central Park East 1
            Benita Miller, parent, Brooklyn New School
            A principal from a high school
            A classroom teacher
            Bruce Kanze
Now, here's the check up stuff.  I've heard from only 15 schools so far about 
PENNY membership.  In order to list your school as a member, I need to hear 
from a person with authority to make that decision.  We want to be able to 
tell Chancellor Klein and Michele Cahill about the large number of schools 
that are affiliated with PENNY.
I need some new information from you.  What network do you see your school 
being a part of?  Many of our schools have had extensive conversations with 
other schools that you want to link with.  Please send me a list right away.  
Bruce Kanze