[ProgressiveEd] paying security guards

Andrew Garnar-Wortzel [email protected]
Tue, 8 Apr 2003 14:19:05 -0400

Yvonne's is not the only school who had this problem, we at cws are in the
same boat, if it is a small meeting we man it ourselves, but for something
big we will have to pay, in the past we were entitled to 6 hours a month of
security, this is what i know for district 1, budget cuts are every where,
if there are others out there please speak up.  Then we can go to Eva m.
with who is having this problem.
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> Dear Yvonne,
> Charging parents associations for having meetings that are essential to
> operation of your schools is outrageous.  This is something that local
> politicians (including Eva Moskowitz) need to help out with.  Let me know
> what I can do.
> Bruce
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