[ProgressiveEd] Senate Bill 4796 to retain district offices

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Mon, 21 Apr 2003 13:45:37 +0000

Good morning--
1.  The Padavan et all bill number 4796 has not yet been posted on the Assembly 
web-site.  However, according to my hard copy, the bill calls for retention of 
school districts "within which each shall have a superintendent, support staff 
and office."    Further, the bill states that the district superintendent shall 
be appointed "in each of the community districts established pursuant to 
section twenty-five hundred ninety-b of this article."  And, no 
superintendent "shall be assigned to more than one school district at a time." 
2.  Does the bill protect the current alternative school district?  
3.  As you know, the Assembly Education is holding hearings tomorrow morning in 
York City about whether or not State law has been violated in how the City has 
implemented Mayoral control.  This might be an appropriate venue to voice 
concerns about the alternative school district.  
I will keep you apprised of developments.  Carolyn
Carolyn Prager
Advocates for Public
Representation in Public Education