[ProgressiveEd] Questionnaire

[email protected] [email protected]
Thu, 6 Feb 2003 06:55:28 EST

Dear friends,
We had a very successful PENNY meeting last night.  A decision was made to 
get specific information from as many progressive schools as we can.  I 
undertook responsibility to send out a questionnaire -- a list of questions 
that we hope will help you to describe your school.  My questions will go out 
early this afternoon.  They're not meant to be the final say on how you go 
about describing your school.  Please feel free to add questions or 
information that you think will help people understand the way your school 
It is important, however, that we get responses right away.  The new regional 
superintendents are meeting this weekend, and part of their agenda is to put 
together networks of schools.  We want to send them information about us as 
quickly as we can.  I intend to process your responses and forward them 
tomorrow.  So, please plan to set aside some time today (Thursday) to write 
about your school.  If you need to fax me information, please send it to 212 
831 5155.  Thank you.
Bruce Kanze