[ProgressiveEd] Re: e-mail correspondence with D Lam

Yvonne [email protected]
Wed, 12 Feb 2003 00:32:30 -0800

I have received no response from Lam or Harwayne re:an invitation to meet
with the 5 school leaders and respective SLT/PA/PTA chairs of the Lower East
Side Network of Progressive Schools.
on 2/12/03 6:20 AM, Jane Bedell at [email protected] wrote:
> Hi Bruce and all--
> I had much, much lower expectations for my little conversation with Diana
> Lam, so I guess I am okay with her response at this point.  It seems that
> she, herself, read and answered her e-mail -- yea!  This means that if
> other folks e-mail her, she may actually read their correspondence.  She
> acknowledged CPE-2 as a place that can be identified as a "learning
> community," and for a brief moment she had to think about an issue or two
> related to these small schools and know that some parents are really
> concerned about this.  So, not much but something (better than no answer
> (Harwayne and Klein) or some perfunctory boilerplate response.  I am
> working to get more parents to e-mail/write to these folks now while things
> are still in motion and not as "tied down" as they will likely be in a few
> months.
> Regards,
> Jane
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> Subject: Re: [ProgressiveEd] my little correspondence with Diana Lam, FYI
> Dear Jane,
> I liked your letter when I read it the first time.  I'm glad you sent it to
> Diana Lam and that she felt it warranted a reply.  I'm not happy with the
> reply.  It sounds so condescending to me.  Yes, a core curriculum is a big
> thing.  And, yes, I'm glad Ms. Lam has confirmed that there will be
> latitude  in the infliction of this curriculum on children (and teachers).
> (If that's  the case, then why would they use it as a lever for change?)
> What I don't  hear in her letter is any recognition of CPE 2 as a learning
> community; she  acknowledged that that's what you think it is.  There's no
> commitment to  supporting schools that work, unless they "work" according
> to the definition  of the DOE.  Maybe I'm missing something.  I'm glad you
> wrote and that you  got a response.  And thanks for spreading the news.
> Bruce
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