[ProgressiveEd] Waivers

[email protected] [email protected]
Thu, 27 Feb 2003 15:45:39 EST

Dear folks,
This is a quick note.  There will be others with more detail soon.  Many 
schools would like to send in applications for curriculum waivers that are as 
similar as possible.  Some schools need ideas.  They're stuck.  So, we need 
your help.
Could you please share excerpts (or the whole thing) of your applications?  
Send them to the listserv or to me.  But let's get them out there today and 
tomorrow, so principals and directors will be able to use the help to prepare 
their applications.  Thanks.
In another matter:  Now is the time to apply for your "program" or "academy" 
to become a school.  We heard, at the PENNY meeting last night, that the DOE 
has made a decision to approve all applications for schools with 200 students 
or more.  We'll get information to you as soon as we can.  If you have 
information, please share it on the listserv.  Thanks again.