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Hello Everyone,
This looks like a fantastic opportunity for someone from our community who wouldn't mind moving to Santa Monica. I hope everyone is having a terrific summer. Carol
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The Santa Monica Alternative School House (SMASH) is looking for a
progressive leader.  The school is a public alternative school in the Santa
Monica-Malibu School District (CA).  The school serves about 180 students
ages 4-14 (K-8).  This school has established a progressive program built
around student interests.  Students are organized into multi-age groups and
spend two to three years in each core with a team of teachers.  The school
has developed an alternative assessment program and has educated the parent
body in learning theory.  There is strong parent understanding and support
for the program.  While the school has to administer state standardized
tests, as much as 70% of the students are exempt from taking the test each
year through parent request.   Therefore, testing at the school has become a
The school has been working to further develop its program and is looking
for a principal supportive and knowledgeable about alternative/progressive
learning environments to help with the continued development.  It is my hope
that the school continue to thrive and find someone who not only supports
the work, but will continue to advocate for the further development of this
kind of educational program---a program that goes directly against the
standardization of children and many traditional schooling practices that
are driving our schools today.   .
Lastly, the school has been a public alternative school under CA state law
since 1971.  The school community is currently considering becoming a
dependent charter school.  This is a decision with many ramifications.  A
principal who can lead the school through this process and critically look
at all aspects of the decision is needed as this decision will have an
impact on the school's future in many ways.
For more information, please contact Carrie Ferguson at
[email protected].  You can also view the job posting on the Santa Monica
Malibu website.  The posting, however, does not highlight the diverse and
unique aspects of the school and this position.  So please contact Carrie or
me.  If you know of any other sites where this position should be
adverstised, please let me know.  The position closes on August 8th. 
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