[ProgressiveEd] Budget problems

Linda Levy [email protected]
Thu, 31 Jul 2003 12:20:47 -0400

Hello Everyone!
I hope everybody's having a good summer.
I wanted to update the list on what''s been going on with the 5 Lower East
Side (Formerly District One) schools, and check to see if anyone else is
having the same problems.
Our schools are all considered programs, under one umbrella school, PS 196.
We are located in 3 different buildings, with 5 different AP's.
Historically, District One budgeted us as 5 separate schools.
Well, this year, far from recognizing our programs as schools, as we all
requested, we have instead been lumped together as one school, and are
receiving major budget cuts as a result.  The situation is serious and of an
emergency nature.  Some of us have not even received our budgets yet.
What is happening with the rest of you --esp. those of you in Region 9?
Also, I would really appreciate it if someone who attended the meeting with
Klein and Cahill regarding recognizing us as schools could contact me.  I
would like to know exactly what was said at that meeting, and what, if any
follow-up was done.  The parents of the 5 schools are mobilizing and we are
making phone calls and e-mails to everyone we can think of -- it would be
really helpful if we could reference the meetings that PENNY had when
talking to Cahill.
It seems that the budgeting people in Region 9 are coming to understand our
situation, but their hands are tied because the "orders" are coming from
Tweed.  So we are hoping to get Cahill et al to tell Region 9 to restore our
I hope I have made this clear.  It is hard to explain all that's been going
on in a brief e-mail.  We are also all struggling with the fact that so many
of us are away for the summer.  (eg, I am 100 miles outside the city).
Please e-mail me if you have any experience to share or advice to give!!!