[ProgressiveEd] Instructional divisions

Peter Kindfield [email protected]
Wed, 11 Jun 2003 19:24:25 -0400

y t wrote:
> Actually, I think he worked hard to keep "like minded" schools apart.
> Yvonne

Dear Yvonne,
I bet your right!
And is anyone surprised?
I believe that schools in our racist/classist political economic system 
serve exactly the functions they are suppose to serve.
Preserving class distinctions and providing the elite with the serf 
class required to run the machines... or in modern america... flip the 
Those of us on the list are all striving to do right by kids... As such 
we should always expect enormous pressures to try and stop us...
I'm not saying we should stop struggling... I'm just saying we should 
expect a fight anytime we try and work against the system by helping 
working class children...
I believe this will always be the case until the system cracks wide open 
due to its own internal inconsistencies and our efforts...
In Solidarity,
Peter Kindfield, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Science Education, CCNY
[email protected]
Our economic system features competition over limited resources, 
authoritarian control structures and worker engagement in tasks 
that are far removed from their needs, interests and purposes.
Our classrooms tend to be microcosms of this system.
Go figure.