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Yvonne [email protected]
Thu, 06 Mar 2003 00:11:17 -0800

And to Abby Goodnough (NY Times).
on 3/5/03 8:35 PM, [email protected] at [email protected] wrote:
> Dear Ann,
> What a terrible mess. Unfortunately the admissions process as always been
> traumatic for kids and parents. It seems that this year all the chaos that
> has been engendered by the bureaucracy has made admissions feel like a crap
> shoot. I think if you could write a bit more about it and send it to Bob
> Herbert and some of the other education writers of the Times it would be a
> worthwhile opportunity to begin to discuss how admissions are done and how
> painful a process it is. This should be a priority in terms of change. Carol
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