[ProgressiveEd] update from Children's Workshop School

Beverly McClain [email protected]
Thu, 06 Mar 2003 13:44:09 -0500

•Did your waiver go in
Yes, we keyboarded and edited everything in Word first, and then logged on
and pasted our answers in. Judith from Neighborhood School also took hard
copies in just in case too.
•Do you have parent petitions in support of your school?
We put together 4 3-ring binder presentations that include parent surveys;
letters from staff, students, graduates and applicants; and photo essay,
recording of our Martin Luther King Day celebration, and a student video
project about CWS from last year that won awards. Are giving them to the
Mayor, Chancellor, someone else (?) and Margarita Lopez, who is a long-time
advocate of our school and will use it as a tool to help get our voices
•What are you planning for Parent-Teacher Conferences (or Family
to update your parents and to create activity in support of your school?
Not sure
•Are you planning to have people from your school speak at the March 18
regional meeting for regions 9 and 10?
Can you remind us of what when and where for that? Chances are we will.
•Are your parents and other friends sending emails to the various people
support of your waiver application?
Not sure. Have depended mostly on the collection I mentioned above that is
being delivered to the powers that be.
•DId you use the PENNY cover letter with your application request?
No. It was hectic enough just giving them an overview and the answers to
their questions on such short notice.
•Are you a part of a network now, or would you like to be part of a
(and with which schools)?
We already have a close relationship with the 4 other District One
progressive schools.
•What other things do you want PENNY to do that would help you in your
Not sure right now but will let you know! Thanks!
Beverly McClain/Children's Workshop School