[ProgressiveEd] Parent Teacher (Family) Conferences

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Fri, 7 Mar 2003 14:08:28 EST

Dear folks,
In a lot of schools, parents will be visiting next week to meet with their 
children's teachers.  We need to use this time to get to as many parents as 
possible.  Please post online what your school is doing on parent teacher 
(family) conference days.
•Do you have an information sheet that tells parents what's been happening 
with the restructuring?
•Do you have petitions for parents to sign in each classroom and to take with 
them to get more signatures?
•Are there sample letters for parents to take, with addresses of people to 
send them to (to support your school's request for a waiver, to support our 
request that like-minded schools be put together)?
•Have you developed a list of like-minded schools with whom you want to be in 
a network?
•Are you signing people up to make presentations at the March 18 meeting for 
regions 9 and 10?  (Let me know if you need dates for other regional 
•Have you created calendars of upcoming dates (for instance, PENNY's citywide 
demonstration is tentatively March 25)?
•Have you set a date to meet with your regional superintendent, and are there 
plans to involve parents?  
These are just some suggestions.  Please tell us what you're doing (and how 
it's going).  Thanks.  Bruce