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Thu, 13 Mar 2003 18:35:59 EST

Here is a message I received today from J. Klein together with copy of the 
e-mail I sent him last night. Whoever sent back his message did read my 
e-mail, but I do have the feeling he did hear us well yet. To be continued...
Subj:    RE: Childrens' Workshop School
Date:   3/13/2003 5:02:54 AM Pacific Standard Time
From:   [email protected] (Klein Joel I.)
To: [email protected]
I am delighted by the parental involvement and support for the CWS.
What I hope the new curriculum and coaches will do is to help the school
performance in math and reading, which I think is a goal we all share.
Sincerely, Joel Klein
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Sent: Wednesday, March 12, 2003 9:48 PM
To: Klein Joel I.
Subject: Childrens' Workshop School
We hope that you have had the chance to look over the package you
received from our school this past Friday. 
At CWS, parent engagement is not a vain word. Our school leader, Maria
Velez Clarke has always made sure "her" parents were full partners in their 
children education. 
And it is because we are involved parents that we are growing worried by
the reform you are planning to impose on our school this coming September.
We feel schools such as ours (progressive education) have been dismissed in
your analysis. We went to meetings, we offered  information. But we have not
been heard.
Again, we urge to review, if you have not done so yet, our "success
package" that will show you that CWS is a already a real partnership between
Maria, the staff and the families (& NYU, & Bank Street College, & Chess In
School, & Working Playgrounds....) & a school that has succeeded in giving 
children a fantastic education, starting with the basics; a school where
Maria & her teachers have been given a A+ by the parents. 
We need to understand how an instructional reform can improve our
already successful school.
At a time where the edcuation budget is threatened to be dramatically 
reduced, we need to understand how the hiring of school-based reading
coach, a math coach and a parent coordinator or the purchase of new teaching
tools are going to affect our school budget.
We want to renew our invitation to come and visit our school. We have
not been heard yet but we need to.
Thanking you in advance for your consideration & looking forward to
hearing from you,
Sophie Sanchez
PTA Secretary