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Fri, 14 Mar 2003 09:41:54 EST

Dear friends,
This message was sent out online to CPE 1 families. It's inspiring.  Bruce
Dear CPE1 families:
As you know the School Leadership Team and the Parents Association have been
spearheading a grass roots campaign to get Chancellor Klein to give CPE1 a
waiver from the mandated curriculum.  This campaign is four-pronged: 1)
media attention (New York Times, Eyewitness News, etc.), 2) postcards from
families to Chancellor Klein (over 300 cards from children and adults were
mailed yesterday); 3) attending meetings, demonstrations and gatherings; and
4) email campaign
This email addresses the fourth aspect.  Between today (March 14) and end of
business on Monday (March 17) it is imperative that as many people who can,
send an email to the Chancellor.  You can use the text we used on the
postcards if you want (directions for cutting and pasting below) or you can
send an email of your own words.  Others can send emails supporting CPE1
also, so spread the word.  If you are an alumni yourself, include that.  If
you are a teacher, include that.  If you have a child who graduated from
CPE1 include that as well.   Grandparents, friends, co-workers, the more the
better.  We are a small school we need a lot of support to make an impact!  
In the "subject" line make sure all emails read: Central Park East 1
Elementary School.  The idea is to flood his inbox with emails that all have
the same words staring him in the face.
Send the email to [email protected] with a "cc" to [email protected].  To send
the message to Mayor Bloomberg you can visit
Please pass this message along to anyone who might be sympathetic.  PLEASE
DO NOT FORWARD THIS EMAIL TO THE CHANCELLOR.  Thank you in advance for your
ongoing support!
Jamie Black
(on behalf of the CPE1 P.A. & SLT)
To cut and paste: 
put your cursor on the "D" in "dear"
hold the left mouse button down and drag the cursor past the words "thank
you" (highlighting the text)
lift your finger off the mouse
press the right mouse button
click on "copy"
open a new email screen
click in the big empty text box
press the right mouse button
click on "paste"
Dear Mr. Klein,
My child attends Central Park East 1 Elementary School.  I am confident that
my child will be well prepared for his continuing educational career. My
child is learning now with the present curriculum, which is rich and
exciting.  In addition to academic excellence it includes art and music
seamlessly in every program.  I chose CPE1 because I wanted a school for my
child that was challenging and individualized.  Thank you,