[ProgressiveEd] Tonight's Meeting

Jane Bedell [email protected]
Wed, 19 Mar 2003 14:04:35 -0500

Hello all--
I'd be very curious to know what folks thought about last nights meeting 
with the regional superintendents/Joel Klein and others.  If he is to be 
taken at his word, and if the regional superintendents are to be taken at 
their word (and I'm betting that this is a b-i-g "if"), it seems there are 
a lot of potential places where schools like the PENNY schools will be able 
to exist.  On a related note, I felt that as a group we were the single 
most identifiable group of folks in the audience and that several of our 
points were heard.
Other thoughts?
--On Wednesday, March 19, 2003 12:02 PM -0500 [email protected] wrote:
> Dear folks,
> Tonight's general meeting of PENNY is at 6:30 at City College, NAC
> building,  Room 4220.
> We will use this meeting to talk about last night's regional meeting and
> to  plan the citywide demonstration set for next Wednesday, March 26.
> See you  tonight.
> Bruce
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