[ProgressiveEd] a meeting TONIGHT?

Beverly McClain [email protected]
Wed, 19 Mar 2003 15:38:45 -0500

Geez Bruce. This is the first I've heard of this meeting. And I try so hard
to keep up with it all. When did you guys announce it? I couldn't find
anything in the progressive ed archives, nor has the web page been updated.
Wish there had been a reminder before the day of...
Hoping others aren't caught by surprise as I am, and also hoping that some
sort of minutes will be posted afterwards for those of us who will miss it.
In particular, we'll need to know more plans for TWEED, but also people's
take on last night's 8/9 meeting, which 3 of us from CWS attended. I will
say that I like Ms. Harwaine. Beyond that I'm still suspicious of it all,
particularly when I looked at a 1st grade math workbook afterwards and
couldn't understand half the instructions. They seemed so deliberately
So please someone, take notes for those of us who would have come but just
didn't know.
Beverly from CWS (pooped out from meetings...3 in a row this week)